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In addition to analysis undertaken directly by HLS PILAC, the Program also supports and carries out research in relation to an array of diverse institutions and people. Furthermore, various forms of HLS PILAC affiliation—such as Visiting Researchers, Fellows, and Affiliates positions—allow us to explore opportunities and collaborations and provide important means for building relationships across institutions.

At least as of September 2017, the HLS website notes the following: Visiting Scholars and Visiting Researchers “must be sponsored by a faculty member who is willing to act as an advisor to the proposed research project, and it is the responsibility of a prospective Visitor to contact appropriate faculty members and arrange for such sponsorship.” Each year, HLS PILAC faculty members receive many requests for such sponsorship. Unfortunately, due to the large number of such requests and to time constraints, HLS PILAC faculty are unable to accommodate the vast majority of requests for sponsorship and may not be able to respond to all of those requests. Inquiries concerning potential Visiting Scholars and Visiting Researchers should be sent directly to a relevant faculty member (that is, to Professor Blum or to Professor Modirzadeh; see below for their e-mail addresses), not to other HLS PILAC staff.

HLS PILAC does not have a standing Fellows program. Nor does the Program currently accept ad-hoc applications to become a Fellow or an Affiliate at HLS PILAC.


HLS PILAC’s research portfolio benefits significantly from contributions from Research Assistants. In general, HLS PILAC Research Assistant positions, when available, are open only to current HLS students. Some HLS PILAC Research Assistant positions may be open to individuals who are not current HLS students, though only where expressly indicated as such. If there are any currently open HLS PILAC Research Assistant positions, those positions are announced on the HLS PILAC website. If there is no such announcement, it is because there are currently no Research Assistant openings. Please check the HLS PILAC website regularly, as new positions may arise at any time. Please note that HLS PILAC staff are not in a position to field Research Assistant inquiries outside of an active open call for applications.

Students seeking advice on careers in IHL

If you are seeking information on pursuing a career in international humanitarian law or a related field, we recommend the resource here. You may also wish to attend an upcoming HLS PILAC event to learn more about current issues in international humanitarian law.  


Gabriella Blum, HLS PILAC Faculty Director


Bradford Conner, Faculty Assistant to Prof. Blum



Naz K. Modirzadeh, HLS PILAC Founding Director


Ellen Shapiro-Smith, Faculty Assistant to Prof. Modirzadeh



Contacting HLS PILAC Researchers Dustin Lewis and Jessica Burniske

HLS PILAC aims in part to produce deeply researched analysis of contemporary challenges concerning armed conflict through the lens of international law. HLS PILAC researchers Dustin Lewis ( and Jessica Burniske ( are currently in a position to respond primarily to messages — whether concerning speaking or interview requests or research/analysis inquiries — that pertain directly to a relevant HLS PILAC portfolio. Thus, due to time constraints, Mr. Lewis and Ms. Burniske may not be able to respond to all inquiries.

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